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Accounting and Finance Employment Advice for Ontario's Top Companies

JULY 2021

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The Top Finance and Accounting Trends Canadian Companies Need to Know

In the past six months life as we know it has seemed to change by the day. As we move through the second half of 2021, there is no shortage of trends to be aware of. The accounting and finance industry is no exception. Understanding and embracing these trends is key for Canadian companies who want to thrive in the future. Read on to learn about three you should focus on.

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3 Signs It Is Time to Take Your Accounting Career to Next Level

Are you feeling stuck? Your current job may be holding you back from achieving your career goals. It is never easy to know whether it is time for your to leave your current job for bigger and better things. It is even harder to leave a job you are comfortable in or have been in for a while. Knowing the warning signs that it is time to take your career to the next level can help! Read on to learn more!

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CEO Turnover Predicted to Rise: How to Retain Top Executives After the Pandemic

As progress continues to be made in the battle against COVID-19, more employees, especially those in leadership roles, are searching for new and better jobs. Canada's top companies will need to retain their leadership employees to maintain business success and company culture. This article focuses on five ways to improve executive retention so you can avoid the headaches too often associated with
hiring leadership employees.

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Summer Heating Up? How to Stay Motivated and Prevent Burnout as a Finance Professionals

It is no secret that working in the financial industry often means dealing with high levels of stress. Over time this stress can take a toll and leave financial employees feeling burnt out, especially during the summer months when social and family obligations peak. If you are feeling unmotivated, do not worry. These tips can help you regain motivation and start excelling at work again.

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